Miracle 3D

If "a picture is worth a thousand words", then a 3D picture is worth much more. Technically called Stereograms, these unique, computer generated pictures "hide" a wonderful, real 3D picture inside an ordinary looking 2D pattern.

The mystery and beauty of these images is such that the viewer shrieks with joy when he is able to view the hidden image. The emerging picture creates a powerful visual impact like never before. A third dimension is now added to his vision.


Unlike the old multi-layered 3D pictures, a stereogram is the product of highly sensitive modern computers which are fed high resolution pictures by advanced 3D cameras. An accomplished artist armed with a special proprietary software then beautifies the image and "hides" it behind stereo-strips. The power of stereograms lies in that they are printed in the normal manner on ordinary paper.

Click here to watch full image
Click here to watch full image
Sea Life

Viewing Techniques

1. Look for your reflection -or of any other object behind you- deeply in the image letting the picture get blurred. Continue your attention on the reflection and just relax. A beautiful 3D image would pop in.

2. Look at the picture but do not focus on anything. Give it a blank stare, then relax. The picture will start to change, when it does just keep relaxing and continue the stare. Your eyes will do the rest of the work when you are patient.

3. Fix your gaze on a distant object. Then slowly bring the picture in between at arm's length. Keep your eyes focused at a distance as if you were looking at the previous object.

Viewing requires barely a minute's training. No aids or attachments are required.


No wonder 3D images are a raging success in several countries and appear on over 200 types of products ranging from paper to leather, plastics to cloth, glass to acrylic..

Generated through normal colour printing processes, on virtually any firm surface, these 3D images have revolutionized advertising, promotion and packaging. And boosted sales many times.

Miracle 3D sells both directly as the product and also as a value addition to:

...paving the way for many a flight of fancy and offering much shared joy

Likewise Miracle 3D add-on's such as gift stickers, cards etc add a USP to products!

            Research establishes that 3D ads boost sales substantially.

MANFIN brings these wonderful pictures to India and Bangladesh in the brand name MIRACLE 3D under an exclusive franchise agreement with the renowned, Geotyme Enterprises, Canada.

E-mail for more information on  Miracle 3D Stereograms: 3d@manfin.com