Digital Recognition Technology

Banking of the New Millenium

The first decade of the new millenium presents to Indian banking a mixed bag: the promise of great opportunities emanating from technological advances and the threat of fierce, all-round competition for a market share.

The customer is better informed and the market offers to him a wider choice. Rendering top quality service and yet maintaining profitability present a seemingly unfathomable challenge. Fortunately, however, technology makes this possible. The progressive bank, therefore, is yet poised to surge ahead.

Computers, ATM, Telebanking.. offered a great convenience. But now DiRecT revolutionizes customer convenience! At an unbelievable price. Welcome Digital Recognition Technology!

Customer Recognition

Gone are the days when bankers would ask the depositors to bring in two identical photographs! In are the days when the banker would present to him his photograph!

And why depositors alone? From borrowers to visitors, everybody can be photographed –instantly, freely. Just click and store. Into your computer. For instant recall -at the press of a button.

MANFIN’s Digital Recognition Technology [DiRecT] makes this and much more possible. Like Signature Scanning, Video Conferencing, Security Monitoring, Photo Transmission..

DiRecT at Your Service

DiRecT –the solution that integrates BranchCode, A/cType, A/cNo., Signature, Name and the Photograph into ONE electronic record, is bundled with an excellent digital video camera made by the world leader and a free pack of top-notch videography software.

You won’t now ask for your customer’s photo: you could give it to him. And account number will no more be dumb data. It will show up the photograph! At virtually zero recurring cost.

DiRecT Advantages

Create the vital backup of customers’ photographs

-free of cost

System Requirement

              1. IBM Compatible PC’s 486+
              2. 1 vacant PCI slot
              3. Windows 3.1/Windows ‘95/Windows ‘98
              4. A sound card if speech is required

DiRecT Costing

PRICE: [Ex MANFIN. Plus installation, freight, insurance, sales tax and octroi, as applicable.]


No. of Pieces Bought [Basic Price per piece]

Up to 50



Rs. 14,850/-

Rs. 14,350/-

Rs. 13,850/-


And DiRecT includes:

Break-even at 250 photos

Optional Uses of DiRecT

[With low-cost attachments]

        DiRecT Features

            Certain features may require additional components.

Integrated Data –in a single record Enduring Preservation



A/C number

A/c Type

Branch Code

No Mutilation

No Fading out

No Fraudulent alteration

No Misplacement

Easy, Instant Transmission Highly Space Saving
Via E-mail

Electronic file

100’s of photos on a single diskette

1000’s on a CD!

Instant Recall Easy Operation
Entire Record with signature and account particulars

-at the press of a button

Accurate, no mistaking

Just click and save

Still as well as Motion

Colour or Black-and-white

View or print!

Instant, Versatile Photo Near Zero Recurring Cost
Instant Photo –in less than a second!

Still or Motion –frame or film!

Colour –as well as black-and-white

Discreet –click without formality

Size choices –change sizes at will

Print or digitize

Integrated –photo+signature+data

Videography –perhaps one paisa per photo!

Transmission –via E-mail, at a pittance!

Duplication – copy a computer file, for free!

Photograph Back-up –simply copy the files

Exciting New Applications

In addition to all Deposits

Video conferencing
Loans and Advances



Credit Cards

Perhpas Customized

Pass books


Cheque books ..

bearing customer’s photo

Talk/chat live, face-to-face

Body language

Instant meetings

Click and meet





International -via internet

Multipurpose Event capturing at no cost
In-house camera

Video conferencing

Security monitor

Signature scanner

Standby photocopier

Digital Audio Tape recorder

Visiting Dignitaries

Board Meetings, AGM

HRD / Staff functions

Photos for in-house magazine

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