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Common sense scientifically integrated to enhance organizational effectiveness

Leveraging commerce with IT

Our Mission

Providing integrated business solutions through information technology

To provide integrated professional managerial support to small and medium enterprises

To help harness the latest in IT as cost-effective alternative in everyday business management

To promote rationality in decision making

Company Profile

Employing innovative HRD policies and state-of-the-art computing and communication tools, MANFIN is managed professionally through a dedicated team of qualified Professionals under the guidance of an experienced team of Directors who are accredited  management professionals.


The wide range of our Patrons includes banks, NGO's, corporates of various sizes

Our Services

  • Management Consultancy
    A whole range of Management Support Services, including Strategy, HR, Marketing, for small and medium business enterprises and Banks and everything in knowledge management.

  • Infotech Solutions
    Customized IT solutions, Intranet, Web hosting, GIS, Power Website Designing, Web Content, Development & full-function E-commerce /Portal Solutions.

  • Financialintermediary services

Product Support

  • Supply and support for Products

    • 3D  [Stereograms]

    • Busy  [Business Accounting System]

    • RMS  [Refinance Management System] for  Land Development Banks

    • DiRecT  [Digital Recognition Technology] for Banks and financial institution

    • MLM  [Manfin Letter Manger]

    • MCM  [Manfin Contact Manager]

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(Formerly, Jowher Managerial & Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.)