Social Commitment

MANFIN's symbol represents a two-way movement of information and resources between the company and the environment around it. Its abiding commitment to the society reflects in myriad small ways. Consistent with its knowledge-based approach,MANFIN provides organizational support to certain  non-profit organizations.

Supported Organizations

Amateur Astronomy Club of Ahmedabad

IIPA [The Indian Institute of Public Administration], Gujarat Regional Branch

GIUG [Gujarat Internet Users' Group]

MUC [Micro Computer Users' Club]

Sponsored Organizations

SPRAT [Society for the Promotion of Rational Thinking]
MANFIN hosts public meetings and disseminates information to the society through mass media in support of scientific and reasoned approach to everyday life's issues.

SUPPORT [Support for the Upliftment of the Poor through Provision of Opportunities, Resources and Technology]
This trust promoted and funded by MANFIN is dedicated to providing interest-free but guaranteed financial assistance to the poorest of the poor for income generating activities.