General Management Services

While specialized services have been mentioned in the respective sections, produced below is a list of general management services that MANFIN   offers -specially for the medium and small businesses.


The major components of these services are listed below

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  • Financial accounting systems
  • Detection of income leakage
  • Cost analysis and expenses control
  • Internal checks and balances
  • Reporting systems and format
  • Management information systems
  • Inventory management and control
  • Costing of services
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  • Advertisement budgeting and distribution
  • Designing and preparing publicity/packaging material
  • Media planning and campaign management
  • Commercial copywriting
  • Form letters and format album
  • Producing house magazines/journals
  • Preparing press notes/releases/handouts
  • Preparing chairman’s speeches
  • Preparing and mailing annual reports, profiles, brochures etc
  • Determining advertisement effectiveness
  • Preparing corporate and promotional documentaries
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  • Audio-visual presentations
  • Liaisoning with the press/organizing press conferences
  • Organizing exhibitions/displays/shows etc
  • Arranging professional help of various experts and agencies
  • Organizing conferences/workshops/seminars etc
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  • Intelligence gathering
  • Business negotiations/arbitration/reconciliation
  • Confidential representation
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  • Selection of Hardware and Software
  • Custom-designed commercial software
  • Purchase, installation and monitoring of automation
  • Training in the use of computers/other machines
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  • Documentation and systems for ISO Certification
  • Time and motion studies
  • Introduction of feedback systems
  • Simplification of work procedures
  • Complete stationery design
  • Effective filing system
  • Job-cards/checklists
  • Manual of instructions
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  • Market share/segmentation
  • Product launch and promotion
  • Sale forecasting
  • Market surveys and test marketing
  • Distribution channel studies
  • Evaluating new product ideas
  • Product design and packaging
  • Consumer feedback
  • Profiling consumers and consumer preferences
  • Suggesting marketing strategies
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  • Studying business trends
  • Locational studies and site identification
  • Conducting diversification studies
  • Preliminary studies for mergers/acquisitions
  • Evaluating companies for take-over
  • Negotiating for take-over and mergers

Representative Office

If you have any dealings with anyone at Ahmedabad or Gujarat in general, and do not have an office of your own, MANFIN can act as your representative office for the region. These services may include:

Managing Agency

Similarly, if you are too busy to manage small units, ancillary units or backward integration firms in and around Ahmedabad, MANFIN will manage their operations for you and keep you posted.