MANFIN's long association with the medium and small businesses has helped it to create and endorse certain products which help in business management and promotion. It supplies and supports

  • BUSY: the complete Business Accounting System
  • DiRecT: Digital Recognition Technology for customer photos, signature and database management
  • Miracle 3D: Stereograms and its business promotion range
  • Refinance Management System: for the Land Development Banks
  • MLM: Manfin Letter Management for ready made 1000 letter to use
  • MCM: Manfin Contact Manager to maintain countless contacts & address
  • MERiT Infotech Ltd.
  • distributor of BUSY (Business Accounting System)



For small and medium scale businesses accounting can be a major headache. Specially for them MANFIN has, after considerable research, endorsed an accounting system: BUSY. Available in four modules: single-user, multi-user, with inventory and without inventory, this software caters to almost all the needs of manufacturers, assemblers, distributors, other traders and professionals. Check out BUSY Features. A full-function copy of the software is available free of cost for three months.. Download BUSY

Miracle 3D


Business promotion is a continuous process. New packaging and advertising technologies lend great effectiveness to business promotion campaigns. Miracle 3D range of products comprise unique Stereograms [magical, mysterious computer generated 3-dimensional pictures] produced in collaboration with the world leader, Geotyme Enterprises, Canada. Click MIRACLE 3D to view / print fascinating 3D samples.


DiRecT [Digital Recognition Technology] is the revolutionary solution for the banking of the new millenium. Combining international quality hardware with extremely user-friendly software, DiRecT integrates BranchCode, A/cType, A/cNo, Signature, Name and the Photograph of branch customers into ONE electronic record. Bundled with an excellent digital video camera made by a world leader and a free pack of top-notch videography software, the applications of DiRecT are only restricted by imagination.

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State-level agricultural and rural development banks [also called the Land Development Banks] secure refinance from NABARD. But the procedure is so cumbersome and their infrastructure so insufficient that months elapse before they get the funds. For such banks MANFIN has designed this special software called Refinance Management System [RMS]. It saves a lot of manpower and time, ensuring quick inflows - and thereby larger turnover and increased profits.



Manfin Letter Manager: MLM takes care of all your correspondence needs. It contains over a thousand ready-to-use letters covering all departments like sales and service, marketing, HR, orders, purchase etc. In short, with these instant letters MLM rids you of your correspondence headache. Click MLM for more information



The Manfin Contact Manager: MCM manages all your contact details in a very efficient and secure manner. It dials telephone numbers from the database for you. You can export/ import data, edit records, send emails, generate reports with label and envelope printing.

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